Social 9A & 9B June 9, 2017

Chapter 9 pages 6, 7, 9 due Monday.


Social 9A & 9B June 7, 2017

Chapter 9 pages 6, 7, 9 due tomorrow.

Chapter 8 Test is on Friday. Study can be completed in google classroom but please make sure it is turned in or on paper the day of the test.


  1. Define economic issue.
  2. Examples of economic issues
  3. Explain a Market economy
  4. Explain a Planned economy
  5. Explain a Mixed economy
  6. List all the political parties and their platforms
  7. Explain the difference between individualism vs. cooperation
  8. Difference between competition vs. monopoly
  9. Explain the difference between Private healthcare vs. public healthcare
  10. What is the Canada Health Act
  11. What is tax evasion? Provide an example.
  12. Understand the difference in the social programs in Canada vs. USA
  13. Explain the taxation model.