About Me
I am in my eight year of teaching this year and I am excited to be teaching at Sister Annata Brockman for another year. My assignment this year mainly consists of Social Studies, grade 7, 8, and 9. I will also be teaching health 7 & 8. In addition, I will be coaching the senior girls volleyball team.
I have one of those jobs where at the end of the weekend I am excited to go back to work. Growing up I would of never thought of being a teacher, actually I wanted to be a nurse. But as time passed and my interests changed I decided to go into teaching at the University. I didn’t know what I was getting into until my first year of teaching. Lets just say teaching is a lot of work. But you know what? I love my job. I truly enjoy the feeling of helping kids especially the difficult ones. Its so rewarding when you have students thank you for teaching them something or just being there for them. The best feeling is when your old students come back to visit, it shows they appreciate and remember you. I guess at the end of the day I hope to make some sort of difference in the lives of students.

About the Blog
So why did I decide to create this blog? Well I figured since students today are always on the Internet, whether it be on facebook or twitter, regardless they are on the WEB. So I though how could I get students engaged inside and outside the classroom?
I thought if I could create a blog just for my students not only to post important information about dates and deadlines but rather a hub where students can discuss issues and topics that may interest them. It also allows them to ask questions about content in the class or homework questions. I guess in other words my own little Facebook/Twitter for my students.


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