Social 8A April 19, 2017

Aztec Vocab and Quiz due Friday.

Page 2 & 3 in Age of Exploration notes package is due tomorrow.


Social 7A & 7B April 19, 2017

Chapter 7 Test is tomorrow.

Chapter 7 study guide is due at the beginning of class.



2. Define Confederation. (The unifying of colonies of Canada. The creation of the country of Canada)

3. Maritime Colonies:

a) Know at least one fact about each Maritime Colony (pg. 151)

b) State whether or not the colony joined Confederation and explain why or why not. (pg. 160)

4.Explain representation by population “rep by pop” (pg. 151)

5. Why did the mercantile system fail by 1846? (pg. 151)

6. American Civil War:

a) Describe what happen in the American civil war. (pg. 153)

b) Why were the British colonies concerned? (pg.153)

7. The Golden Age:

a) Explain the “Golden age” (pg.155)

b) Which groups benefited from it and which groups did not? (pg. 156)

8. Why was Joseph Howe important? (pg. 157)

9. Explain the new federal system of government for the Dominion of Canada. (pg. 163)

10. Who could vote during the Dominion of Canada? (pg. 164)

11. What are the 3 main factors that led the British North American colonies to think about union? (pg. 149)

12. Name one reason why Maritime provinces opposed union and one reason why Maritime provinces supported union. (pg. 156)