Social 9B – nov 21

Please complete page 6 in your chapter 4 notes package for Monday. You will have a written quiz on pages 5 & 6 of your notes package on Monday also.

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Social 9A – Nov 19

Complete pages 4 & 5 in your chapter 4 notes package for Friday.

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Social 9B – Nov 19

Complete pages 4 & 5 in your chapter 4 notes package for Friday.

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Social 9A & B – Nov. 14

Reminder you have a chapter 2 test on Monday. Below is your chapter 2 study guide which is also due on Monday:

YCJA Exam Study Guide

***The exam consists of 13 MC questions and 3 long answer questions.  The exam is out of 31 marks.  At this point you should be familiar with all glossary words covered.

  • Advocacy Groups
  • Page 68-4 Factors
  • Jury & Jurors
  • Aboriginal Sentencing Circles
  • John Howard Society
  • Differences between the YCJA & the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Read over the over the source on the back of the page so that you are familiar with it and think about the following question:
  • Should the youth be tried as an adult or a youth under the youth criminal justice act? Why or why not? (Use the below reading to answer this question)

Bike riding, teenage hit man pleads guilty to murder

June 10, 2009

By Tony Blais, Court Bureau

An Edmonton teenage hit man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder this morning for shooting a young man in the head after luring him to a drug deal.

The 18-year-old baby-faced killer, who wore a nice shirt and had his short hair gelled, said “guilty” in a clear, firm voice when the charge was formally read out in court.

He was 17 at the time of the July 24, 2007, slaying and cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Crown prosecutor Anne Shutte said she would be seeking an adult sentence while defence lawyer Kirk MacDonald said he wants his client sentenced as a youth.

According to agreed facts, the youth “in exchange for a minimum of $7,000, was contracted to shoot and kill Brandon Dierich.”

Shutte said Dierich was a dial-a-doper at the time and known by his street name “Bruce.”

Between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on July 24, 2007, the teen “lured” the 23-year-old victim to a drug buy near near 93 Street and 68 Avenue.

Then, after Dierich drove to the scene, the youth rode up on a bicycle and pumped two bullets into his head.

At the time of the slaying, police said the killer fled the scene on his bicycle into nearby Mill Creek ravine. He was arrested later at West Edmonton Mall.

Cops also said the killing was drug related and both the killer and the victim were known to them.

Police photos shown in court depicted Dierich slumped in the driver’s seat clutching a $20 bill with packets of cocaine strewn around the car.

Court heard a sentencing hearing will be set for 2009.

Friends of Dierich said he liked to frequent Whyte Avenue bars, especially Bar Wild, and would often do his patented backflips while drinking in the clubs.

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Social 7A & B – Nov 13

Reminder your chapter 3 test is on Monday and your study guide is also due Monday. Below is a copy of the chapter 3 study guide:

  1. Vocabulary (pick at least 3 words and define each)
  2. Explain the main differences between New France & New England (British 13 colonies)
  3. Explain mercantilism
  4. List the impacts the Europeans had on the Aboriginals
  5. Who did the Mi’kmaq align with? The French or the British?
  6. Where were English settlements located in North America?
  7. Explain why Britain wanted to build colonies in America? (4 reasons, explain each one)
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Art 8 – Nov 12

Complete your object for Monday.

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Health 8B – Nov 12

Health posters are due this Friday by 3:15 pm. Please make sure you hand in both your poster and white sheet we did in class.

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